Mccall, Idaho

I have been to one slumber party by Lacie Jae and then hosted my own. Here are the horrors I had to face at this woman's hands.

Party 1: I was a guest, there were only three of us there and it was a fun party. I ordered a few items and was told 6-10 business days. Well a month rolls by, and no product. I ask the girls from the party (we all ordered something) if they had gotten their things yet, wondering if I had given her my address wrong or something. Nope none of us. All of us are getting pissed and saying if it isn't here by Monday, I'm demanding a refund. Lucky for her I got my stuff Monday morning.

Despite that issue, I loved the product and wanted to throw my own party.

Party 2: another small group of women, but this time I spent a large chunk of money with miss Lacie Jae, and I warned my friends "she will say 6-10 business days, but don't believe it." we found it funny. .....then our product was 2 months late. I called her every few weeks getting angier and angrier, always an "I'm sorry, it will be there by the end of the week" kinda thing. I had wanted these things for my husbands birthday (well over 2 months after my party) and yet, I didn't because of the service I was given.

I emailed customer service, threatening to sue if I didn't get either my product or my money back and demandning some sort of punishment for that woman's treatment of us. Lacie called, all apologetic and yet nothing changed.

When we finally got the product, we were all given 50 dollar gift cards to use through Lacie and all ordered them around midJune 2013. It is October 8th and guess what? Still no product and no real explanation as to why! She has blamed her new gated community and the UPS man having issues with her, it was a miscommunication with her new assistant. Everything that wasn't on her. Of course.

I emailed customer service again, and they remembered me. Telling me they would talk to her and get back to me in about 2 days. That was about 2 weeks ago. Guess it just shows the head dogs are just as bad eh? I'm going through Pure Romance next time.

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Mccall, Idaho, United States #726872

This is my complaint and I want to add one thing after reading some other complaints and their comments:

I don't work for either SP or Pure Romance, I don't want to help or hinder either business.I just want to find a company that will show me a good time, allow me to buy my items and deliver them promptly without issue.

I like slumber party, they have good product.I simply had a problem with Lacie Jae, that is all.

to Alex Laurel, Delaware, United States #942211

I am a former PR consultant and currently own my own romance business.On rare occasions I had issues with items being on backorder from the company.

I invested thousands of $ so I could have products on hand to deliver the night of the party.

Many good consultants do this, so when booking a party ask the consultant if they have stock on hand for immediate delivery.She may not have every single thing they offer but it's nice to take something home the night of the party so you can try it out right away!

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