Im from WV had a slumber party Feb 2012. I was told all odered items would b in by 2/14 LIE 2 weeks later I called Donna Spindel consultant over & over again 4 her 2 tell me excuses some girls wanted 2 cancel the orders the consultant said "nope all sales final"I told her there was no sale cuz no one has there items.She told me she did have some items at her home & was waiting for everything to come in b4 shipping (to save herself money I believe) I demanded 4 her 2 ship the items weeks later some got items today 4/5/12 one girl finally got her items Never did any1 get a call about this she was 25 mins late arriving 2 my party and took 20 mins to set up NEVER BOOK A PARTY FROM HER!!!!!!

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Hello, I was once a PR consultant and I did have bad experiences. However, I just did a slumber party one and loved it! I am soon joining slumber parties and hope this works out better for than pure romance did.


Anyone reading this, keep in mind that the ladies who left slumber parties and went to pure romance, did so because sp didn't want them anymore because they are extremely unprofessional, and they were asked to resign.As you can tell from these childish posts that they have made up.

Pathetic that their business isn't good so they are reduced to trying to take business away from our company.Jealousy is an ugly thing!

to Heather #738997

Before we get too far off track, let me make two points.First, ALL in-home party plans have a few bad apples, including Pure Romance even though it pains me to say it.

There are always one or two who do things to make the rest of us look bad, however, there are also some pretty crazy hostesses out there as well. Ladies who drag our names through the mud no matter how hard we try to make them happy. SECOND, before we go throwing around stories about SP consultants going to PR because they were no longer wanted, you shouldn't be saying these things unless you can back it up with facts. I do know that some of them were not the classiest consultants out there and needed a lot of retraining on how the PR company culture works because I was one of the ones doing the retraining!

Slumber Parties and Pure Romance have a long history and if you don't know it, you should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing your company history! Patty Brisben, founder of Pure Romance, also founded Slumber Parties, qalong with another lady, because the company they were selling for went out of business. Long story short, there were some issues with the partnership and Patty sold her share of SP to her co-founder and used that money to found Pure Romance in 1993. Pure Romance is the largest party plan business of it's type in the US, don't argue, check the numbers, and has expanded to Puerto Rico, Australia and South Africa with more expansion coming soon.

Now, having said...

Why can't we accept our differences and work together?So, whether your 'Girl's Night In' is 'Ultimate' or 'Unforgettable' make sure you focus on what's important: your business and your customers, and stop trying to tear down other women.

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Debbie Swift and Lisa Turner you both should be ashamed of yourself! Debbie, you have always been known to be unstable, but Lisa, Donna is our sister and a very good consultant!

to weisbrod42 #639683

Unstable!WOW, you need to really look in the mirror sweetie.

Why don't you go out and do a party instead of worrying about what others have to say about your ***, low class, trashy company. Oh that's right, because you have not business.

Enjoy life in weedville!:cry


The issues with the previous post were resolved. Thanks Donna


I actually did this party and I'm sorry you feel this way.I was only late because there was 4 inches of snow on the ground and it was coming down like crazy.

Your guests came after I did but you wanted to cancel that night because of the weather and I told you I would still come. Thank goodness there was another slumber consultant there shadowing a live party so I ha e someone to say this is false. None the less the only products received late were the ones the entire company. They were on backorder for about 8 weeks.

You found that out when you contacted Corporate, I also mailed you you a gift certificate for free product. So I'm really sorry that you felt the need to slander my name, but I wish you nothing but well wishes.

Again if you'd like to redeem your certificate feel free to contact me.I highly respect my clients, so it bothers me that you feel this way.


Dear Anonymous,

As a former Slumber Consultant, I can say you are not the only one who has had these kinds of complaints about Slumber.

Last fall I transfered to Pure Romance. My clients LOVE the products, the expanded scent/flavor offerings, and the sophisticated packaging. Pure Romance is a leader in promoting women's health. We are one of the only companies in the industry with a chemist on staff to help ensure our products are safe, effective, and of the best quality.

Feel free to check out my website at www.DeborahSwift.PureRomance.com.

I'm in western MD and I do parties in WV frequently. My hostesses enjoy 10% of the party sales in FREE products, a free gift with sales of $250 or more, an extra discount on purchases above the 10% hostess credit, and other specials.

Because I'm able to earn more with Pure Romance, I can offer more to my hostesses and clients. Recently I started offering 35% off any 1 order placed during the client's birthday month!!

I carry LOTS of stock, so clients generally get all their goodies the night of the party. :-D


Debbie Swift

(240) 344 - 0769


Facebook: Parties by D Swift (Like my page - be the first to get news, contests, specials, sales, etc!!)



I'm sorry you have a bad experience with this consultant but I promise we alll are not like that.I treat my business as a busines.

If you are looking for a new Slumber Parties Consultant.Feel free to contact me lisa.turner@slumberparties.com and my website www.slumberpartiesbylisat.com

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